Hassenfeld Foundation sends aid to Puerto Rico

MIAMI – On Wednesday The Hassenfeld Family Foundation, teamed with Natalia Denegri, Spanish TV journalist and host of “Corazones Guerreros,” launched its second humanitarian aid mission to Puerto Rico bringing medical supplies, food, water, health care professionals and Hasbro toys to the hurricane-ravaged island.

In a statement Alan G. Hassenfeld, president of the foundation, said: “Today, the Hassenfeld Family Foundation, and ‘Corazones Guerreros’ are showing the world that now is the time to step up and support Puerto Rico as it begins to pick up the pieces left in Hurricane Maria’s wake.”

He outlined that the Wednesday mission is part of a “multi-pronged relief and recovery effort” which will bring “specialized” doctors and nurses to the island’s hospitals and see 150 Puerto Rican families with loved ones in need of more extensive care transported to Miami hospitals.

Speaking with Providence Business News Wednesday morning, Hassenfeld added that the second flight was carrying $100,000 in medical supplies. He would not share the cost of either flight saying “this is about doing the right thing.”

Hassenfeld said his work through the foundation has been about “bring[ing] sunshine where theres darkness and, believe me, there’s darkness in Puerto Rico.”

Nicknamed “Operation Potato Head by CG,” this mission comes on the heels of The Hassenfeld Family Foundation’s first humanitarian mission to Puerto Rico made on Oct. 3.

Donations delivered during the initial mission similarly included water, food, medications and toys and were bound for two pediatric hospitals.

In addition to Denegri, also traveling to the island on Wednesday are Ellen Hassenfeld Block, representing the Hassenfeld family, Susan Block Castin, founder of the Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute, Oscar Haza of MegaTV, the channel which airs “Corazones Guerreros,” and other Hispanic media personalities.

While he categorized the situation in Puerto Rico as “a tragedy” and said the “the long-term devastation is greater than anything we’ve seen in Texas and Florida;” Hassenfeld said he is “unsure” if there will be a third humanitarian mission.

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